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Everything You Wanted To Know About Handbags

By Via Mazzini

What is that one thing women can’t do without no matter wherever they go? Yes, you guessed it right! Handbag it is.

Growing up, we do believe that we’ve all come to hold a special place in our hearts for the beloved accessory that defines who we are, just as much as the shirts on our backs and the shoes on our feet. The difference? Most women carry one bag day in and day out. Many of us have more than 40 tops, 20 pair of footwears and countless accessories in our closet, which seems to be always over crowded with stuff. But most of us have less number of handbags sitting in our wardrobe, sometimes near to the mirror or shelves next to our shoes. All in all, we women are the same… we love our handbags as they are the accessory that we always have on hand and yet rarely change out like we do with the rest of our wardrobes. When you find a good bag, you simply keep it for years.

When it comes to putting together an outfit that’s going to make you look your best, it is important to add accessories to it. The dress you wear says loads about who you are and what kind of woman you want to be seen as, but did you know that accessories particularly handbags can go even further toward helping you create a positive image of yourself at all occasions or events. So, make sure to select a Bag that adds oomph to your look if you truly want to have the best look in the room, day in or day out.


Tote means "to carry". Tote bags are great casual bags and it is very useful and at times, with the right tote bag, you can be very fashionable! Tote bags are usually medium or large bags with double handle and open top. They can be used for anything and everything as long as the bag can hold whatever item is being placed in it. They can be office-chic, evening out or college style bag. These multi purpose bags are amazing to make life more easy and also a wonderful complement to ones outfit. These bags are perfect for traveling, running errands, grocery shopping etc.
Tote Bags | Via Mazzini Blog

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are inspired by bags worn by urban messengers who used to deliver business mails. Messenger bags have a long strap that can be worn across the body on one shoulder and rests on the lower back. These bags ensure comfort to people as the hands are free to do any work without worrying about the bag falling down the shoulder. They are also known as Cross-body bags. These bags are very popular among school and college students.
Messenger Bag | Via Mazzini Blog


Satchels are usually structured bags with a wide, flat bottom and double handles. They sometimes have a long strap with which the bag can be worn diagonally across the body. They have a defined structure and often can stand up on their own when set down. They usually have a short handle and are not necessarily worn over the shoulder but held by the hand. Satchels are perfect for woman who leans toward a classic or tailored aesthetic.
Satchels | Via Mazzini Blog


A hobo bag is a medium-size crescent-shaped unstructured bag with a top zipper and often a slouch or dip in the centre and a long shoulder strap(single or double). Women usually wear hobo bags on their shoulder, as opposed to holding by the strap. Most hobo bags provide women with enough room to carry all their essentials. The hobo style looks best on women with a casual, breezy, or earthy manner of dressing. Hobo bags are not appropriate for a black-tie event or for formal offices.
Hobos | Via Mazzini Blog


When it comes to evening bag styles best idea is to go with the strapless clutch. These bags offer the perfect amount of space for all your essentials like makeup, cell phone, keys etc. With a classy clutch you’ll be sure to achieve a sophisticated look of demure simplicity.
Clutches | Via Mazzini Blog

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags have a thin strip of fabric, leather, cord, or woven threads through a series of eyelets at the top of the bag. Pull the strip and the top of the bag gathers together to close.
Tote Bags | Via Mazzini Blog

Doctors Bag

Doctor's bags resemble the doctor's bags of old days. Its a duffel-shaped flat-bottomed bag with rounded sides. It usually has one or two large handles over the top for easy carrying. The mouth of the bag has a collapsible metal frame that opens when handles are separated and tugged. Many women these days prefer the strong structure of these bags to stash their everyday needs.
Doctors Bag | Via Mazzini Blog

Duffel Bag

For a short trip or a night crashing at your friends place, opt for a trendy duffle bag. Its a soft oblong bag. It exudes both fashion and function.
Duffel Bag | Via Mazzini Blog

Envelope Bag

An envelope bag is a flat, square or rectangular bag with a triangle-shaped top flap that folds over like an envelope.
Envelope Bag | Via Mazzini Blog

Sling Bag

A small bag with a long strap, similar to a messenger bag but much smaller. Sling bags are a considered as a popular choice for those who need durable as well as fashionable bags. These days, sling bags have become new fashion trendsetters and everyone likes to keep them. Trendy sling bags are especially loved by fashion-conscious youth as they like to keep pace with all on-going fashion trends.
Sling Bag | Via Mazzini Blog


A small evening bag embezzled with pieces of metal, semi precious stones or beads and covered with fabric or leather. Women use these bag for a formal event to stash their cosmetics, jewelry, or personal items.
Minaudiere | Via Mazzini Blog


A clutch shaped bag that comes with a leather or bracelet-looking strap allowing you to use your hands freely.
Wristlet | Via Mazzini Blog


A slightly larger handbag designed to be worn on the back. Backpack usually have two shoulder straps and can be carried by both or by just one strap.
Backpack | Via Mazzini Blog

Coin Purse

Also known as a change purse, its a small bag designed to hold coins or any other small item.
Coin Purse | Via Mazzini Blog
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Tips for selecting your handbag

It should be spacious enough to pack up your cell phone, accessories, makeup, and anything else you need when you leave the house. Make your selection based on the utility and occasion.

How to take care of your bag

Store your bag in a soft cloth dust bag. Keep it in a clean and dry environment away from humid environment, or direct sunlight. While storing stuff the bag with bubble or small papers.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

The key to looking chic is to take the time to think about what you’re really going to need when you head out the door. The goal is to carry a fashionable style and also not miss the bare essentials. Start with your ID and whatever cards and cash you’ll need to get where you’re going (and home again) safely. The next is taking whatever makeup you might need for a touch-up in the evening. Sometimes, only carrying the bare minimum with you can be a freeing experience! There are more styles than you can shake a stick here on With handbags in all budgets, you’re sure to find something that will make your special occasion or event look go from gorgeous to completely stunning. Enjoy looking through our collection of fashionable and stylish bags!


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